Hey theređź‘‹. Thank you for stopping by, it's a pleasure to have you here! Let me tell you a bit about emailtribe.io.

emailtribe.io was launched to solve a problem: email professionals in the UK and beyond are largely uncatered for when it comes to having dedicated job platforms. There are numerous online jobs boards for marketeers, designers, developers, you name it, but there are hardly any dedicated to email. This also leaves companies with very little options to find email professionals online.

Sure, you can post or find email jobs on popular one-fits-all websites. But the problem is they usually do not provide the level of focus that a niche skillset like email wizardy requires. Nevermind ploughing through other remotely related job adverts to get a handful of the ones you're looking for. It's exhausing as I have been there myself. And as a recruiting company, you don't really know if you're reaching the right audience on a large job board.

So, emailtribe.io is my attempt to consolidate email jobs in one place, to help you, an email developer, email marketeer or HR looking for emails specialists, make the process of job hunting or candiate sourcing a tad easier.

Oh yes, one more thing. If you want to post a job, you can pay as much as you want. That's right, you can pick your own price.

Anyway, have a look around, check the current jobs, post your own, skim over the email resources and don't forget to join the newsletter. Hope you'll find it worthwhile.


Anton Sirik