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Job expired on 23 Jan 2021

Purpose of the job

We are looking for someone with a passion for designing and delivering fantastic digital communications and interactions, to support our Brand and Marketing strategic ambitions. This role will focus on two key channels for IGD: customer marketing emails and website interfaces. You will have a great working knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3, so you can design and code rich, working prototypes and customer-ready solutions.

On email, you will be responsible for designing and testing all email communications as briefed in by the Marketing and Communications teams, with whom you will work closely. Your designs will help achieve the objectives of individual campaigns, incorporate email user experience best practice, and ensure IGD’s brand values and integrity are upheld.

On websites, you will work closely with the UX and digital designers in the Design team, and developers in the Technology Development to iteratively improve digital interfaces and interactions. You will participate in ongoing UX design projects where you’ll be responsible for producing working prototypes to test with users, and supporting developers in final builds and implementation of successful solutions, to support IGD’s goal of improved user experience across its digital services.

· Designing and testing email communications according to the schedule set by Marketing and Communications
· Participating in projects exploring new email technologies and tools
· Designing and prototyping user-facing features for and other IGD platforms
· Ensure the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs
· Build reusable code and libraries for future use that developers can draw on
· Being a team-player, with strong relationships inside and outside the team
· Helping troubleshoot performance and SEO issues with existing websites related to design and underlying code structure

Knowledge & skills


Good working knowledge of
· Design principles, particularly applied to UI (user interfaces) on desktop and mobile
· UX design process
· Web markup, including HTML5, CSS3
· Client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks
· Web markup as applied to email, and the features/constraints of different, popular email clients
· Adobe Photoshop, to be able to crop, resize, edit and optimise images for web use
· Adobe Illustrator to create and manipulate vector graphics
· Adobe XD to produce low-medium fidelity prototypes
· Coding software to produce high-fidelity prototypes with rich interactions
· Wireframing documentation requirements
· Dotdigital as an email service provider/tool
· DNN as a content management system

Proficient understanding of
· Cross-browser compatibility issues and implications for designs
· SEO principles and ensuring that applications will adhere to them

· Proven ability to proactively and collaboratively find, communicate and drive creative solutions to shared problems
· Excellent analysis skills and high attention to detail
· Strong influencing, negotiating and all-round communication skills
· Effective time management and task planning skills
· Self-motivated and proactive approach to delivering the needs of the role
· An ability to provide excellent customer service
· Someone who can work as part of a team
· Someone who builds understanding quickly

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